In this page I'm presenting a collection of texts concerning buddhism (and mind/ ethics/ religiosity in more generality)

In 1996 I decided to reduce to a half term shift to get the time and the intensity, which is needed for indepth study and experience of such part of (my) human life. Some years later, about 2000 I engaged myself in internet-discussion forums, as well in the local interreligous dialog here in Kassel. Since about 5 years I am progressively engaged in the study of buddhism, specifically in the realization of the vietnames monch and chan-master ven. Thich Nhat Hanh. The texts here are articles, which I posted in the newsgroup-discussions and internet forums, which I feel worth to be collected here.


Gottfried Helms 10'2006


First steps 1996 were the text of Lao-Tse, then of J. Krishnamurti, then I joined local courses in training of Tantra, as a way of life. I was pretty much engaged, and important impulses from that stay until today. From my experiences I contributed to the mentioned forums. A collection of articles and postings shall occur here next time, if I get the OK of some discussion-partners to whom I were responding to and whom I'm citing there.


After 11/9/2001 an initiative of a group around the protestant students priest Ludwig Möller founded a weekly meeting in Kassel, named "interreligious dialog" where local religious groups and representants were involved over 4 years, including protestants, catholics, muslims, a short time the jewish community, Sufis, Baha'I, some independent people (like myself) and also (zen)-buddhists as well. Our intention was, in the deterred time after that substantial attack to overcome the occuring separation and hostility in the society (and also profit ourselved from that interesting and extremely fruitful interreligious philosophical and spiritual contact and exchange)


In 2002 I visited the community of the vietnamese buddhist teacher and monch ven. Thich Nhat Hanh for a one-week-stay and found this buddhist way most appropriate for me, convincing and appealing, although the primary resource for all my buddhist discussion became the canonical collection of sutras about the life and the teaching of the Buddha, known as "pali-canon"

A first attempt to put the new insights together and form a meaningful and approriate article from that is my short biographical introduction to Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh.

Also here is a collection of links to internet-pages, from where I collected much information and which are dedicated to the teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh and his lay-order "Interbeing". Here are the 14 precepts of mindfulness for the order of interbeing.


Here is a flyer with which we invite to contact our meditation group here in Kassel



Some fun I got from the invention of my timeless pilgrim Ya-Nun; some of his teachings, which I could translate into reality, are collected in the small leaflet: Ya-Nun and I hope, I'll be able to pull many more of this little known literature from the dark.