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Recreational Math


In this page I'm presenting a collection of more-or-less elaborated treatises of some number-theoretical subjects, which were "getting me" in the last years. You'll find mostly heuristics here which fascinated me by their structural beauty. Hardly you will find something breathtaking new. Most things are rearragements - while mostly in a generalizing manner- of the statement of a current problem. After reading some of these articles years later I like th ideas and the general explorative approach, which may be stimulating for other number-theory-amateurs as well.





Tips/Problems in Statistics


Here I collect a couple of discourses about topics in statistics, most prominent about the linear model, PCA/FA and some problems at which I arrived when using SPSS or other software. This is all very unsystematic at the moment...






Here I present some pieces of software, which I offer for selfstudy and educational purposes.

Things are programmed in Delphi (Borland) and are originally tools for my own practise. I'm not a software vendor but a teacher in a university; the software comes from needs for my classes and for my number-theoretical self-study. They do not have commercial level in the sense of bugfreeness, optimal coding and elaborated error messages. Anyway, as far as my tools may be of wider interest, you may feel free to download and use it in terms I just have indicated above.





Texts to share


Since a couple of years I'm also interested in philosophy and spiritual systems. First I was interested in the philosphy of Lao-Tse, later I read about J. Krishnamurti. Some years then I attended tantric courses in the spirit of descendants of Osho(Rajneesh) and D. Odier. Later I got in contact with the Dharma of buddhism, via D.Suzuki, but also via the medieval zen-master Hakuin. Learning about the Buddha-dharma as brought to us in the Pali-canon (ical sutras) fixed my focus of interest. A contemporary teacher, which I appreciate most, is ven. Thich Nhat Hanh, about whom I compiled a short biography, to try how far I'm able to interpret his teachings and his approach in an approriate way. One of my most favourite figure is the (fictive) pilgrim Ya-Nun, whose timeless teachings I try to transfer to our present knowledge.


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